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Made in North Carolina USA

The Portable Parking Spot for Motorcycles™



Amazing new kickstand pad with an ez pick up handle!
For all motorcycles with a sidestand.

Here is how it works ….

While sitting on your bike extend the safeTkick handle, Lower pad into position, place under kickstand …that’s it!

Return to your bike, get on, put the kickstand up, grab the handle, pick safeTkick up, collapse handle back onto the pad and stow in tank bag, handlebar bag,  pocket  or anywhere you can reach while sitting on your bike. How simple is that?  No more worrying about your bike tipping over when parking on hot asphalt, gravel, sand or mud.

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Your own portable motorcycle parking spot !

Be stabile and safe when you park your bike, get on a safeTkick! Looking for gifts for bikers? get on a safeTkick - in terms of motorcycle safety or for those seeking clever motorcycle gifts, this one of the most useful motorcycle accessories ever conceived!

Yes of course there is more!

While your bike is parked, secure beneath your motorcycle kickstand, safeTkick lets others know just how close they shouldn’t  get to your motorcycle. Let a driver parking their car next to you see your bike better with safeTkick's bright colors and reflector. Motorcycle parking has never been easier.

Run out of gas? Broke down on a busy street with no shoulder?  safeTkick again lets traffic see your bike even at night with reflector and bright colors  creating a wider visual of your motorcycle. This is a motorcycle kickstand pad that enhances motorcycle safety.

A collapsible handle with reflector attached to a heavy duty pad that fits just about every motorcycle sidestand.


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safeTkick is lightweight and portable just a little over 4”x 6”.

SafeTkick replaces traditional motorcycle kickstand support products with a serious tool for parking a motorcycle. Lightweight and useful in more parking dilemas than any motorcycle kickstand support on the market.

For less than a pair of gloves protect your bike in almost any parking situation!
$19.95 plus s&h - click here!

safeTkick patent pending 2010, trademark cp 2010


As easy as 1 2 3

While sitting on your bike extend the safeTkick handle, Lower pad into position, place under kickstand …that’s it!

Step One

Take out your safeTkick.

Step Two

Extend handle, place on ground. While holding handle, move pad with your foot under sidestand

Step Three

Rest bike on pad, check stability before you leave motorcycle


"Good idea, easy to use, I have a gravel driveway and this keeps my Harley safe & secure when I park"

Tom S. Asheville NC
"Works great ! I have to park my bike in a crowded spot at work, safeTkick keeps cars away and no sinking in the asphalt. thanks! "

Scott A. Tucson AZ
"Used it at a rally in a muddy field, kept my  sportster from falling over, it works!"

Alvin M. Athens GA
"I ride all over NYC,  this is a good device  for parking safely "

Linda F.  NYC, NY